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About Sicom

About Sicom

Set up as a parastatal body in 1975 to provide insurance services such as Actuarial Valuations and Management of Pension Schemes to government and other parastatal institutions, the State Insurance Company of Mauritius Limited (SICOM) was privatized in 1988. It operates as a public company under the Companies Act with state owned bodies/organization as major shareholders.

Since its creation in 1975, SICOM has been dynamic and continuously strived to expand its range of activities so as to increase the value and profitability of the Company. In view of new diversification opportunities, the State Insurance Corporation of Mauritius started underwriting General Insurance in 1978 and Life Assurance and Motor Insurance in 1980. 

In 1998-1999, SICOM Global Fund Ltd, SICOM Management Ltd and SICOM Financial Services Ltd (SFSL) were created to consolidate the SICOM Group financial position and open new avenues towards globalisation. 

SICOM transacts long term business and is ranked amongst one of the top life insurance companies in the island. SICOM is also amongst the leaders in Managed Pensions business in Mauritius.

The company has extended and diversified its service lines over the years with a range of loan schemes to assist Mauritian families for their housing and other personal projects.
Our Business Registration Number is C07007065 and our registered office and place of business is situated in SICOM Building, Sir Célicourt Antelme Street, Port Louis, Mauritius.
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