My Loans - Secured Personal Loan

SICOM Secured Personal Loan will assist you in financing relatively small personal commitments, at an attractive interest rate.

  • A second- line fixed charge is taken on an immovable property belonging to the borrower(s) or  parent(s) depending on its valuation including a life assurance cover
  • Repayment by check off



Loan Amount For Secured Personal Loan
From Rs50,000 up to Rs750,000


2nd line fixed charge/mortgage on an acceptable immovable property

Up to 5 years, repayable by check-off


(Terms and conditions apply)

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This product is offered by
State Insurance Company Of Mauritius Ltd
BRN: C07007065
FSC License No.: IS10000020

Useful info

  • Eligibility

Confirmed employees  (Conditions apply) 

  • Required documents

  • Certified Copy of National Identity Card(s) (borrower(s)
  • Certified Copy of Marriage/Birth Certificate (borrower(s) A recent Utility Bill (CEB or CWA or Mauritius Telecom)- not more than three months
  • Certified copy of bank statements of applicants for last six months.
  • Certified copy of pay slips for last three months of applicant(s)
  • Original certificate of liabilities of applicants with full details( if applicable)
  • Copy of title deed of the property to be given as security
  • Affidavit of property owner, if deceased
  • Copy of Layout Plan of building, if applicable;
  • Copy of Site & Location Plan or copy of land surveyor’s report
  • General Conditions

  • The loan repayment period will depend on age.
  • The repayment of the loan in capital and interest/interest and premium(s) payable in respect of life assurance policy(ies) will normally not exceed 40% of applicant(s)’ net income(s) and/or will be subject to the company's appraisal. 
  • The property to be given as security, if applicable, should have an adequate value and be duly registered in your name(s) or parent(s) and should not emanate from an affidavit of prescription unless thirty years have elapsed from the date of prescription and should be legally in order and/or be subject to approval by the company.
  • All relevant costs and expenses including valuation, administrative costs and registration fees as well as processing and documentation fees involved in the making of the loan will be borne by applicants.
  • All loans should be secured by a residential property except for fixed deposit loans and professional loans. In the latter case ,a commercial building or office space may be given as security.
  • All loans should also be secured by a life insurance cover with the Company except for fixed deposit loan.


(Terms & Conditions Apply)