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At SICOM, we strive towards fair and quick settlement of claims.


There are however some actions that you will need to do to enable us to deal with your claim promptly. Kindly ensure that you bring along the relevant documents for processing of your claim and read the FAQ section below for any queries you may have.

Document Checklist
    • Doctor’s Reports
    • Doctor’s Prescriptions
    • Pharmacy Receipts
    • Invoices and Receipts
    • Police Report
    • Witness Statement
    • Carrier Report
    • Any other documents as may be required
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  • What do I need to do in case of a claim?

  • All claims must be supported by duly completed and signed claim forms + original claim documents


  • All claims must be submitted within 31 days from the date of return to Mauritius


  • The notification must be made within 31 days following any bodily injury, illness, disease, incident, event, redundancy or the discovery of any loss, theft or damage which may give rise to a claim


  • Contact our Assistance Provider on +230 405 5813 before incurring expenses over USD or EUR 200


  • In the event of Curtailment necessitating early return Home, to contact the Assistance provider and obtain their approval to confirm the necessity to return home prior to Curtailment of the Trip due to death, bodily injury or illness.


  • All medical claims must be supported by a medical report from the treating doctor.


  • Claims under item ‘Personal Possessions’ should be supported by receipts failing which a depreciation of 75% will be applied.


  • Written notice must be given to the assistance provider of any bodily injury or medical condition which necessitates admittance to hospital as an in-patient or before making any arrangements for repatriation
    • All incidences of loss, theft or attempted theft of Baggage/Business Equipment must be reported to the police within 24 hours of discovery and a written report


If Baggage/Business Equipment is lost, stolen or damaged whilst in the care of a carrier, transport company, authority or hotel, a report must be made to them in writing and an official report must be obtained from an appropriate local authority

  • How to make a claim?

  • If you wish to make a claim, please contact our Administrator Linkham Services on (+230) 405 5813 or send your email to


  • In case of emergency please call our Assistance Provider on (+230) 405 5813 and give your Policy Schedule Number

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