FAQ - Covid Coverage under our Insurance Plans
FAQ - Covid Coverage under SICOM Insurance Plans
24 March 2021


What are the consequences of the vaccination as a prevention against Covid-19 on my Medical Insurance?

Please note that our Medical Insurance excludes Pandemics/Epidemics and, as such, SICOM does not cover claims arising from Covid-19. SICOM however covers any complication that may arise following the vaccination.


I chose to get vaccinated. Does that impact on my Life policy or Personal Pension Plan?

 SICOM’s Life Insurance policies and Personal Pension plans will still honor payment in the case of death/Total & Permanent Disability (TPD) claims arising directly from Covid-19 vaccine or any other vaccines. There is no exclusion condition regarding those specific cases.


General Notice: It is reminded that the applicant’s medical history should be disclosed at proposal stage in the sense that all existing or pre-existing medical condition/illness should be honestly communicated. Hence, if the Covid-19 vaccine or any other vaccines lead to serious side effects causing TPD/ death due to an undisclosed pre-existing medical condition/illness at the time of contracting the policy, the claim could be declined. SICOM however assesses each claim with much rigor to ensure that all clients feel secure and valued.


*Conditions may apply