About SICOM Group

The State Insurance Company of Mauritius Ltd (SICOM) stands proudly today as one of the leading insurance and financial companies in Mauritius.


With an established presence in the economic landscape of Mauritius since 1975, SICOM Group presently includes the State Insurance Company of Mauritius Ltd (SICOM), SICOM General Insurance Ltd (SICOM GIN), SICOM Financial Services Ltd (SFSL), SICOM Global Fund Ltd and SICOM Management Ltd.


The proactive alignment of its strategies, structures and processes enabled the Group to become more nimble and responsive to external demands and was the main contributing factors to its positive financial results. SICOM Group has been investing heavily on building profitable long term relationships with its valued customers and fine tuned its insurance solutions to delight them with revolving products and personalized services.


SICOM transacts long term business and is the leader in Managed Pensions business in Mauritius. SICOM is also ranked amongst the top life insurance companies in the island. The company has extended and diversified its service lines over the years with a range of loan schemes to assist Mauritian families for their housing and other personal projects.


SICOM General Insurance Ltd started its operations in July 2010, taking over the General Insurance Business which had until then been transacted under SICOM.  SICOM GIN thus benefits from the legacy of more than 40 years’ experience in this line of business and currently, transacts all types of general insurances.


SICOM Financial Services Ltd, the financial arm of the Group, provides Lease and Deposit Taking services to corporate and individual customers at competitive rates. It manages two funds constituted under the SICOM Unit Trust, the SICOM General Fund and the SICOM Overseas Diversified Fund.

Our Promise

At SICOM, commitment to customers runs deep. We believe in looking after our customers and strive to provide a professional and quality service while being friendly, helpful and considerate at all times.

Our Mission

Dedicated to providing the best in Insurance and Financial Services, with focus on competitive quality products and excellent levels of customer care. 

Our Shared Values

  • Our Customers: The focus of all our actions
  • Our Employees: The source of our success
  • Our Products and Services: Competitive and first-class security
  • Commitment to innovation and teamwork
  • Assisting the development of the community

Our Objectives

  • Provide excellent customer service
  • Maximise profits and returns to stakeholders
  • Highly effective staff and agents
  • Increase market share
  • Respond to new customer needs
  • Identify diversification opportunities

Our People

At the heart of our business are our most valuable, i.e our dedicated staff.

Each and every one is encouraged to contribute to the Group’s achievement and with our vision ‘dedicated to providing the best in insurance and financial services, with focus on competitive quality products and excellent levels of customer care’, we put a lot of emphasis on a trained, professional and committed workforce.


At SICOM, we are committed to develop our people and ensure that they reach their full potential within a harmonious working environment. Being an employee of SICOM Group means that you get not only career-development opportunities, but you also get to benefit from a wide range of incentives.

We presently operate with a team of over 325 employees with professionals of varied educational backgrounds including professionals of Actuarial Sciences, Insurance, Finance, Human Resource, Marketing, Business Administration, as well as Information Technology.

Quality Policy

  • Service Excellence

We are committed to service excellence through providing a professional and timely service to our customers while maintaining value-adding relationship with all stakeholders.

  • Meeting Customer Expectations

Our ultimate goal is to meet customer expectations with a diligent and efficient service.

  • People Development

Our people are our most valuable asset and we shall:

  • provide them with appropriate training in line with organisational needs and objectives,
  • aim at achieving employee satisfaction and encouraging their participation in decision making processes, and
  • promote safe, sound and motivating work environment.
  • Continual Improvement

We are committed towards developing and maintaining efficient and reliable processes. We undertake to continually improve / innovate our products and services.

  • Competitive Products and Services

We will design and deliver competitive products and services to suit the requirements of our customers as well as the market at large.

  • Compliance and Good Governance

We ensure compliance with relevant laws and regulations and are committed to good governance and effective practices.

  • Quality Objectives

This Quality Policy will serve as basis for defining SICOM’s Quality Objectives and we will ensure that it is reviewed on a regular basis.