Life Insurance


SICOM MaxInvest provides life insurance bundled with an investment component.

  • 3 Investment Funds - Secure, Balanced and Growth
  • On survival until the maturity date, the Fund Value will be payable.
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SICOM MS+ is designed to enable you to reap your benefits over short intervals of 5 years.

  • Survival Benefits every 5 years
  • Survival Benefit plus Bonus on the Full Sum Assured at Maturity
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SICOM G3+...L'Assurance vie qui a tout prévu! With our SICOM G3+, you and your loved ones can benef...

  • 1.5 times Sum Assured is guaranteed at maturity
  • Secures mortgages up to 3 times Sum Assured
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Smart Loan

SICOM Smart Loan Cover aims at securing new and existing loans, mortgages, overdrafts and other cre...

  • Securing new and existing loans
  • Securing mortgages, overdrafts and other credit facilities.
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Endowment Plan

SICOM Endowment Plan combines savings and robust financial protection to dependants in the event of...

  • Sum Assured plus Bonus at Maturity
  • Mortgage Protection of 1 or 2 or 3 times Sum Assured
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Pension Plan

SICOM Pensave Plan is a personal pension policy with an Investment edge. It offers a convenient mea...

  • Provision of retirement benefits
  • Choose between 2 retirement benefit options.
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