Life Insurance - Group Loan Protection Scheme

This product insures all personal loans, car loans and other loans provided by an Employer or an Organisation to their employees/members

Here's what you can expect


  • The Sum Insured in respect of a life assured is the amount equivalent to the sum total of the capital loan outstanding within the repayment term.
  • Premium is fixed and calculated on the initial amount of loan.
  • Insurance is applicable for loan duration of not more than 7 years. Minimum age is 18 yrs and maximum age 65
  • Maximum Sum Assured is Rs 2 M
  • Cover ends on repayment of loan or reimbursement in case of anticipated repayment
  • Cover provided on Death or Total Permanent Disablement


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This product is offered by
State Insurance Company Of Mauritius Ltd
BRN: C07007065
FSC License No.: IS10000020

Useful info

  • Benefits

  • The capital loan outstanding as at date of death or total and permanent disablement is payable to the Employer or Organisation


  • No benefit is payable on withdrawal from Scheme
  • Eligibility

Any company or any group association

  • Required documents

Option Form or membership form filled by member/employee with details on Loans amount, Date of birth and Gender.

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