Whether your company needs tailored investment advice and solutions, or will like us to manage an existing portfolio or surplus funds, we can address your investment needs.


We provide services to a substantial and diversified client base, which includes corporations, governmental and financial institutions.

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Our services include:

  • Tailor-made advice
  • Management of your existing portfolio
  • Broad Investment Capabilities
  • Disciplined and Rigorous Investment and Monitoring Process


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Our Value Added

  • Our Capabilities

SICOM has a long history of managing funds of different investment strategies, across many market cycles. 


Over the years, SICOM has acquired and consolidated its investment capabilities by managing various investment Funds (Pension Fund, Life Fund, Shareholders’ Fund, General Insurance Fund, Overseas Funds, Unit Trusts, etc), which altogether have adopted different investment strategies to meet their respective risk and return objectives.


SICOM benefits from a stable and experienced management team, which ensures the smooth functioning of the investment management function within the organisation. The portfolio management team, which oversees the day-to-day management of the various portfolios, is supported by a strong team of experienced investment professionals, who have been working together for several years.


The investment philosophy focuses on achieving consistent above average returns for each of the portfolios under management over the medium to long-term. Diversifying each portfolio across a broad spectrum of permissible asset classes and strategies, whilst making sure that the risk and return objectives of each portfolio are met, is core to our investment philosophy. The team proactively looks out for attractive investment opportunities within each asset class, in order to add alpha to the portfolios’ return over time. Through diligent application of our process we attempt to minimise the drawdown in portfolios, and capture as much of the upside as possible in the different economic cycles.


At SICOM, it is strongly believed that risk management is paramount to the long-term success of any investment activity. As such, risk management is an integrated part of the investment management process.

  • Our Competitive Edge

Long-term Investment Management Experience

SICOM is one of the oldest and largest local investment managers, and has posted a consistent track record in the investment management industry. The investment management team at SICOM includes professionals who have acquired experience in managing investments through many market cycles. 


Broad Investment Capabilities

SICOM has gained experience in managing investments across a wide range of investment strategies, regions, sectors and asset classes. The market movements, dynamics and outlook of each asset class, whether local or overseas, are consistently monitored to ensure returns are maximized at the level of each type of investments.


Access to Quality Overseas Fund Managers

In addition to diversifying investments of some of the portfolios across different asset classes, SICOM started investing in overseas markets since late 1990s. The overseas investments of SICOM are managed through an offshore investment structure and using a Multi Manager Investment Process. Over the years, SICOM has initiated and strengthened business relationships with many well-known overseas fund managers.


Disciplined and Rigorous Investment and Monitoring Process

The investment approach and process adopted at SICOM are time-tested, and have proven to be reliable over different investment cycles. A dynamic asset allocation approach is adopted to ensure that an optimal portfolio mix is attained to position the portfolios to gain from the prevailing and forecasted market outlook.

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