Angel Plan

The SICOM Angel Plan has been designed to enable parents to save for their children’s future cost of education and provides maximum security in case of death /disability of parent/s.


Age limit at start
Child as from birth; Parent Minimum 18 years & Maximum 65 years

Age limit at maturity
Child to be within 18 and 25 years ; Parent’s next birthday + terms not exceeding 70 years


Term of policy

The policy terms may vary from 5 years up to the child’s 18th to 25th Birthday.



Bonus rates awarded are heavily reliant on the interest rate environment, as well as other experience factors.  The bonus rates are not guaranteed but are merely used to illustrate the impact of different bonus rates on the projected maturity value.  The actual bonus rate awarded will depend on the investment return earned on the assets and other items of experience such as claims and expenses relative to expectations.


In the past SICOM has granted bonus rates ranging from 3% to 5.5% - depending on investment performance, the interest rate environment and other items of experience.


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This product is offered by
State Insurance Company Of Mauritius Ltd
BRN: C07007065
FSC License No.: IS10000020

Useful info

  • Benefits

Maturity benefits
Sum Assured plus bonuses accrued to be paid in a Lump Sum at maturity or the parent has the option to cash part of the Sum Assured earlier by opting for an Annual benefit payable for the last five years of the policy

Death / Disability benefits
In case of death or permanent disability of parent, the Sum Assured plus bonuses become payable and the policy remains in force without the need for payment of any premium so that there is no loss of benefits and bonuses at maturity of the policy

Student Income benefit (optional)

  • A student income benefit can be purchased which will be payable on a monthly basis to the child in the event of death or disability of the parent.
  • The plan can be pledged as collateral security for a housing loan taken with SICOM Ltd
  • The child is entitled to an automatic life cover as from his/her 12th birthday
  • Eligibility

  • Parent Age at entry between 18 and 60 subject to underwriting
  • Required documents

  • National Identity Card
  • Recent Utility Bill (not more than 6 months old)
  • Birth certificate
  • Marriage Certificate (if applicable)
  • Bank details for payment of premium