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The SICOM Overseas Diversified Fund is a Unit Trust, that is a collective investment scheme requiring two parties, a Manager (SICOM Financial Services Ltd) to carry out the investment function, and a Trustee (the Mauritius Commercial Bank Ltd), which performs a fiduciary role on behalf of the investors.

With the SICOM Overseas Diversified Fund, your investment is managed for you and the Fund will have a globally diversified portfolio and can invest up to 100% of its assets overseas. The financial instruments in which the Fund may invest will include inter alia mutual funds and other collective investment schemes, equity and equity linked securities, debt securities, convertible debt securities, bonds, loans, fixed income securities and cash/short term/money market instruments.

Here's what you can expect



SICOM Overseas Diversified Fund - Pricing At 28 June 2021



Per Unit (Rs)

Issue Price 18.61
Repurchase Price 17.73
NAV 18.28


With effect from 22 June 2021

  • Free Life Cover for individual unit holders
  • We minimize your risks by investing in a diversified portfolio
  • Possibilities to invest in international markets
  • Dividends are tax-free
  • Capital gains are exempt from income tax
  • The fund itself is liable to income tax at the preferential rate of 15%
(Terms and conditions apply)

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This product is offered by
SICOM Financial Services Ltd
BRN: C07023531
FSC License No.: LC06000053

Useful info

  • Benefits

Investors are offered two ways of investing:

Lump Sum Investment - SICOM Overseas Diversified Fund

  • The minimum investment is Rs 25,000. Application forms when completed, should be sent with a crossed cheque made payable to SICOM Overseas Diversified Fund.
  • Unit Certificates will be posted to applicants within 21 days from the date of processing of application.


Monthly Savings Plan - SICOM Overseas Diversified Fund

  • The minimum monthly investment per unit holder shall amount to Rs 2,000. The relevant application form and standing order instruction forms should reach the office of SICOM Financial Services Ltd at least 10 business days before the last day of the month.
  • No certificate will be issued if you are opting for the Monthly Savings Plan. However, you will receive half- yearly statements to your accounts as at June 30 and December 31.
  • Eligibility

Individuals & Corporate

  • Required documents

Certified copies or originals must be provided in all cases:


  • Certified copy of either of the following: national identity card, current valid passport or current driving license for both applicant and beneficiary
  • Certified copy or original of either of the following: recent utility bill, recent bank/credit card statement or a recent bank reference for proof of address
  • Evidence of Source of Fund
  • Civil marriage certificate and birth certificate if required



  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • ID of directors/ authorized signatories
  • Utility bill of all directors/authorized signatories
  • Annual report
  • FAQ

How do I invest in the Fund?
You may invest by buying units in the Fund.


How does it work?
Your investment is managed for you and spread across a wide range of equity (local and overseas) shares, loans, debentures, government stocks/bonds as well as through cash / short term/ money market instruments.


What is the investment policy of the Fund?
The overall objective of the Fund is to maximize returns whilst acting prudently at all times and diversifying its portfolio with a long- term view.


Can I redeem my units?
You can redeem your units by returning the certificate and fill in a redemption form. Relevant requests forms are available at SICOM Financial Services Ltd.


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