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SICOM Speedy Health is an In-patient & Out-patient Medical Insurance cover, specially designed to provide health care coverage to public sector employees and their dependents, as well as pensioners to protect you against the costs associated with treatment.

About this product

Speedy Health consists of 3 comprehensive plans with competitive and affordable premium to suit your budget. Our plans offer a range of covers that best suits everyone and also provide benefits such as Childbirth, Maternity Cash benefits and Overseas Treatment.

Highlighted features
  • In-patient Claims paid directly to the Clinic

    Concentrate on your treatment whilst we deal with the financing

  • Overseas Treatment

    Expenses for medical treatment not available locally

  • Tax Relief on Medical Premium Paid

    Claim back on your annual medical premium

Product Features

Why opt for SICOM Speedy Health?

  • In-patient Benefits

    Include room charges, surgery expenses and related charges, Diagnostic tests and medications prescribed during your stay at a private hospital

  • Out-patient Benefits

    Include Physicians and Specialists consultation, prescribed medicines, complementary tests and diagnostics, Dental, Optical, Hearing Aids and Chronic diseases costs

  • Exclusive Benefits

    Cover for Infertility, Preventive check-up & Chronic illness

  • Cashless service

    Cashless facilities for Optical costs. Only the applicable excess to be disbursed at opticians’ outlets as per benefit limit.

  • Optional Catastrophe Cover

    In the event of unexpected serious medical or surgical interventions and high-cost treatment

  • Switch of plan & waiver of waiting period

    Continuous cover is previously insured, Normal waiting period on increased limits. If an employee of the public sector is already insured on a SICOM medical insurance plan, they may shift to SICOM Speedy Health plan upon renewal only.

  • Overseas Treatment

    Medical Assistance for Overseas treatment. Will assist you to find the best treatments, doctors and hospital in India, South Africa and Reunion Island.

  • Cover for Pensioners

    Age limit to join Speedy Health is 64 years. Once a member, pensioners may stay on the scheme until they reach the age of 85

  • Speedy Claims Process

    Submit your claim on the go via our Mobile App or Portal

( Terms and conditions apply)*

Useful Information

  • Individuals working in the public sector and their dependents
  • Age limit to join Speedy Health is 64 years. Once a member, pensioners may stay on the scheme until they reach the age of 85

Can I pay my premium by instalments?
Payment by instalments are available depending on the annual premium

Will I be eligible for tax benefits if I buy health insurance?
Yes. Buying a health insurance will earn you the eligibility to claim tax benefit.

What if I already have a health insurance policy, but I just want to increase my sum insured?
If you already have an insurance policy but want to extend your cover, you can do so at the time of policy renewal.

I have been recently diagnosed with a medical condition. Will I be allowed health insurance?
If you have already been diagnosed with a medical condition, it will be considered a pre-existing disease which will not be covered under the policy.

What are excluded in this medical policy?
As per terms in conditions stipulated in the Policy documents and any other pre-existing disease.

How do I proceed in case I need to be hospitalized?
Planned Admissions
Send the below details at least 48 hours before your admission to [email protected]

Name of Clinic/ Private Hospital
Date of Admission
Medical Report
Treatment Plan
Quotation (If Available)

Emergency Admissions
A family member or you should advise us as soon as possible on 203 8452.

Can I make a claim as soon as my medical policy is issued?
There are various waiting period depending on the nature of treatment, as mentioned in our quotation, however in case of Accident, no waiting period shall be applied.

What is the timeframe to submit a claim?
You have 90 days to submit a claim along with all required documents.

• Completed, signed and dated Proposal Form
• National Identity Card
• Recent Utility Bill (not more than 3 months old)
• Upper part of the payslip (Evidence to confirm public sector employee)

Highlighted features
  • Quick Underwriting

    No medical tests required and provision of standard exclusions

  • Exclusive benefits

    Cover for Infertility, Preventive check-up & Chronic illness

  • Tax Relief on medical premium paid

    Claim back on your annual medical premium

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FSC License No: IS10000004