Customer Charter


This Customer Charter outlines the commitments, responsibilities and standards of service that we provide to our customers. It sets out the type of service we aim to provide, how to contact us and give us feedback, particularly if anything goes wrong and how you can assist us to better serve you.

Our Mission

We are dedicated to provide, to a broad range of individual and corporate clients, the best in financial services, with focus on competitive quality products and excellent levels of customer care and satisfaction.

Our Shared Values

  • We strive to meet changing needs of our customers and exceed their expectations by providing consistently high quality products, services and solutions.
  • We foster a climate that encourages innovation and teamwork among our people while helping them to grow and develop to their full potential.
  • We ensure the creation of wealth for all stakeholders and provide fair reward and recognition accordingly.
  • We support mutually beneficial and enduring relationships with our stakeholders.
  • We respect the diversity of our team members, customers and communities.
  • We conduct our business with the highest level of integrity and ethical standards.


Quality Policy (themes related to Customer Service Only)

  • Service Excellence

We are committed to service excellence through providing a professional and timely service to our customers while maintaining value-adding relationship with all stakeholders.

  • Meeting Customer Expectations

Our ultimate goal is to meet customer expectations with a diligent and efficient service.

  • Continual Improvement

We are committed towards developing and maintaining efficient and reliable processes. We undertake to continually improve/innovate our products/services.

  • Competitive Products and Services

We offer competitive products/services to suit the requirements of our customers as well as the market at large.

  • Compliance and Good Governance

We ensure compliance with relevant laws and regulations and are committed to good governance and effective practices.


Our Commitments

We will always strive hard towards improving the standards of service and our institution’s relationship with you will be guided by the following key principles:

  • Accountability

All our products and services comply with relevant laws and regulations in force in Mauritius, as well as guidelines set by the Bank of Mauritius and the Financial Services Commission. We will explain and help you understand the financial benefits of our products and services that you are interested in, how they work and the risks involved. We will exercise care to provide you a balanced view of benefits and risks of investment products, explain critical terms to you, ensure the investment product is suitable for your needs and financial circumstances.

  • Fairness

We will act fairly and reasonably towards you in a consistent and ethical manner. We do not discriminate against age or gender and will as far as possible make our products and services available on same terms and conditions for all customers.

  • Privacy

We will treat all your personal information as private and confidential and ensure we have appropriate physical and technological security measures to protect your information. Your personal information will not be revealed unless otherwise authorised by you and/or required by law to do so. We will not use your personal information for our own marketing purposes if you inform us that you object to this practice. We will comply at all times with applicable privacy and data protection laws.

  • Reliability

We will endeavour so that you find our service and processing reliable at all times.

  • Transparency

We will provide you with clear, relevant and timely information to help you make an informed decision about our products and services. Where applicable, a set of Terms and Conditions relating to each product and service will be made readily available to you and all the fees, charges, penalties and relevant interest rates, your liabilities and obligations in the use of our product and services will be highlighted.

Standards of Services

As we work towards improving our standards of service, we aim to provide our service efficiently and effectively. To this end, we have set out below the time frames within which you can expect us to deliver the respective services. 


Deposit Taking (Main Issues)

 Reverting to: 
1Letters from clients
Electronic mails from clients
Phone calls from client
Within 2 working days
Within 1 working day
Within 3 hours
2Opening of deposit AccountsImmediately if all relevant documents is received
3Issue of receiptsImmediately
4Issue of Certificate of deposit1 to 3 working days (subject to all documents   received)
5Payment of InterestOn due dates
6Issue of Maturity NoticeAt least 10 working days before maturity date
7Maturity proceedsOn due dates (subject to instructions and relevant  documents received at least 5 working days before maturity date)
8Cancellation of part-withdrawal of a deposit.1 to 3 working days (subject to instructions and   relevant documents received at least 5 working days before   maturity/cancelation date)
9Other requests (eg certificate for visa purpose)Within 2 working days



Leasing (Main Issues)

 Reverting to: 
1Letters from clients
Electronic mails from clients
Phone calls from client
Within 2 working days
Within 1 working day
Within 3 hours
2Appraisal of Lease Application 1 to 3 working days (subject to availability of   all requested documents)
3Appointment of SurveyorWithin 2 working days
4Issue Letter of Offer1 to 3 working days (subject to availability of   all requested documents)
5Signing Sales DeedWithin 2 working days
6Preparation of Lease Agreement1 week (subject to availability of all requested   documents)
7Disbursement of Cheque to supplier1 week (subject to availability of all requested   documents)


 Service Query and Feedback
We welcome your suggestions, comments, feedback, enquiries, or complaints which you may have in respect of our products or services.  We will ensure that relevant steps are taken to resolve your complaints fairly and promptly.

If you have any enquiries, concerns, comments or complaints do not hesitate to contact us on the following address:

SICOM Financial Services Ltd
SICOM Building, Sir CĂ©licourt Antelme Street, Port Louis
t: 203 8420  l  f:208 0874
e: [email protected]   l  w: 

We shall issue an acknowledgment within 3 days of receipt of your complaint.  We shall aim to address the matter within 30 working days. However, for cases of higher complexity, a longer time may be required, but you will be informed about the status or progress within this time frame.

This charter will be reviewed as and when required.